How can we help you?

Can I change the e-mail address on which I receive communications?

Absolutely! If you would like to change the e-mail address associated with your account, just contact us via the HelpCenter section and provide us with the e-mail address you will use to access your personal area and on which you would like to receive all our communications. We will proceed with the change.
Please, note that it is important, first of all, to ensure that you have correctly registered and confirmed your e-mail address.

What can I do if I can't change my account password?

First make sure that you have correctly registered on our website, after which you can proceed to recover your password directly via the button on the login page!
If you should experience any problems updating your password, please, contact us at the following number: +39 02 36697390. We will take care of your reporting and get back to you as soon as possible to solve the problem.

Why can't I send my cancellation request successfully?

If you are unable to proceed with the cancellation request, please ensure that you have correctly completed all the required fields (e.g. your IBAN or bank details).
To select the date on which you wish to terminate your contract, simply open the date picker: you will see the first date on which will be possible to terminate your contract and you will be able to select the desired day by yourself.

Why can't I book my check-out?

If you are unable to book your check-out via App, please ensure that you have sent your cancellation request and received confirmation of your closing contract date.
If your request is still being processed, please wait until your request will be properly confirmed. Also, please, make sure that you have correctly entered your bank details on the App in the My Account section.
We remind you that you can also book your check-out by phone, contacting us at +39 0236697390.

I have problem opening a maintenance request because it is already open, what can I do?

When a maintenance request is already open, it means that your report is already in our systems and is being processed.
Please wait for a reply via HelpCenter or via e-mail, with the confirmation of the date on which the maintenance will be carried out.
We remind you that you can contact us via HelpCenter in the Maintenance section or at the number +39 0236697390, in case you need further support and/or for emergencies related to home security.