How can we help you?

Is maintenance included in my contract?

The comprehensive service provided to all our tenants also includes ordinary and extraordinary maintenance work, which is covered in the tenancy agreement and provided by a team of our DoveVivo technicians and professionals.
The only maintenance work excluded from your contract is that which becomes necessary as a result of your negligence, neglect or misuse of any of the fixtures we provide. But even in these situations, our technicians will attend for an extra charge to be quantified retrospectively based on the extent of reported damage.

What do I need to do to ask for maintenance support?

All maintenance requests, regardless of type, must be reported via the DoveVivo App in the Maintenance section of "The House and Me" menu.
Whatever kind of problem, we already provide you with procedures to follow independently without any specific expertise so that you can solve them as speedily as possible. If you cannot solve the problem yourself, we would ask you to make preliminary checks and photographs to help us understand its size and nature and take action as quickly as possible.
If you need assistance for anything serious outside DoveVivo office hours, please contact the 24-hour emergency number shown in the DoveVivo App in Contacts section within the "Communications" menu.

What are the usual timeframes for ordinary maintenance?

The time required to deal with ordinary maintenance work which can be easily managed by DoveVivo technicians varies according to urgency and extent of reported damage but will in all instances be from several hours up to seven days.
For extraordinary maintenance or that requiring one or more interventions by specialized external technicians, the time taken to resolve the issue may be longer depending on the availability of the suppliers themselves.

Whom should I contact if I have an emergency and the office is closed?

If you need our Customer Care for a real emergency outside the DoveVivo office opening hours, you can still get in touch with us. You can call our 24-hour toll-free helpline throughout the weekend and from 6.30 pm to 9 am Monday to Friday to report the problem promptly. The phone number is shown in the DoveVivo App in Contacts section within the "Communications" menu.

What do we mean by 'emergencies'?
- problems with the habitation's and/or the rooms' entrance lock(s) which prevent entry/exit
- lost key(s)
- broken boiler
- gas leak
- power cut
- blocked drains/toilet
- flooding and leaks
- fire
The cost of the intervention will be borne by DoveVivo except in case of interventions not included in the above list (or not related to the safety and safety of tenants).

What do I do if the internet does not work?

We provide internet connection in all our homes. To quickly resolve any issues with the functioning of the broadband line, please contact the telephony operator direct. They will ask you to go through a series of procedures on the modem. Unfortunately, DoveVivo cannot intervene itself as this would only increase the length of the service outage.
To contact the telephony operator providing the internet connection, please follow the instructions on the DoveVivo App in the Maintenance submenu under the Me and MyHome menu.

Why do I see a maintenance charge on the invoice?

Maintenance work is charged for only in case of negligence, neglect, malicious acts or misuse of the apartment's facilities. Charges will vary depending on the amount of damage. For further details on charges, please refer to the Scale of Costs in the DoveVivo App, in "The House and Me" section. Any case not listed in the table will be dealt with on its merits.