How can we help you?

How do I book my check-out?

To request an appointment for your check-out use the DoveVivo App! Enter the "Io e DoveVivo" section from the main menu and click on "Leave Home": once your cancellation request has been correctly accepted and confirmed by our team, you can proceed to book your check-out: select the most convenient time for you among the available slots and wait for the confirmation notification which will take place within maximum 24/48 hours. You can only consider the appointment confirmed once you have received the confirmation e-mail.
If all the time slots are unavailable, you can return the keys to the DoveVivo office during opening hours.

By what time do I have to vacate the room or apartment?

Please make sure your room is vacated of people and belongings by 1 pm on check-out day so that we can arrange for tidying up and cleaning before the new occupant arrives.
To assist the cleaners in their work, we kindly ask you to remove all personal items from the room, including those you do not want to take with you. We would advise you to place them in the appropriate condominium waste bins or take them to a landfill for disposal. Please remember to also clear out the refrigerator, all kitchen cupboards and bathroom lockers. 

Where does check-out take place?

Check-out is done by appointment and takes place directly in the apartment with one of our operators, until all hourly slots have been used up. If all slot times are taken, you can return the keys to the relevant DoveVivo office by taking an appointment during opening hours. In this case, the return of the keys must be made by 1 pm of the last day of validity of the contract.

What happens during check-out?

During check-out, our agent will take pictures to check the condition of the room and document any irregularities and record the return of the key. At the end of this process, you will receive a notification informing you about the outcome of your check-out.
To ensure the procedure is quick and does not waste your time, please remove all your belongings from the room before the DoveVivo agent arrives.

Do I need to bring some I.D.?
No, no documents are needed for check-out. We will take care of everything.

What happens in case of damage?

If damage to objects or parts of the room (walls, fixtures, furniture, etc.) is detected during check-out, we will check their extent and together with technical experts assess what to charge for them.
If the detected damages had been correctly reported through the DoveVivo App within 48h from your check-in you will not be charged.