How can we help you?

Can I use the photographs on your site to look for a replacement?

Absolutely! If you’ve decided to exit “with a replacement”, you can use the photos of the room and the apartment on our website. You can also post your ad on all the major social media sites and platforms without asking us for permission.

I would like to change room while remaining a DoveVivo client, what should I do?

During your stay with DoveVivo you can change rooms within the same flat or move to another one of our flats. In order to do this, you will have to give regular notice of your current contract at the end of the minimum period of stay (three months in advance) or you can choose the "early" exit option (this only if expressly provided for in your contract). In addition, you will have to bear the standard costs for closing and opening the new contract.

Can I use my security deposit to pay the final months of my rent?

The security deposit is used to pay for any damage found at check-out as well as any unsettled invoices. It is therefore not possible to use the deposit to pay for the final months of rent.

What options do I have to close the contract?

By clicking on the "Cancellation and check-out" section on the app, you will be able to see the methods of cancellation (type of contract termination) and you can choose the one you prefer:
- Regular: the contract will be resolved on the date indicated on the sublease contract without any additional cost. If you wish to terminate your contract on a regular basis, the notice period is set at 3 months before the end of the minimum stay period.
Example: the minimum stay period is 31 August and you wish to leave the room or flat on that date. In order to do so, you must request termination of your contract no later than 31 May (i.e. 3 months before). If you wish to leave after the minimum stay (e.g. 31 August), you can do so at any time by giving 3 months' notice.
- Early termination: you can terminate your contract at any time with just 7 days' notice and pay a fee of one and a half months' rent (calculated on the full rent and without taking into account any discounts granted).

Can I change exit option?

Yes, it is possible to change from the 'regular' cancellation option to the 'early exit' option (in case you want to leave the room before the minimum stay expires).

I have a fixed-term contract, can I stay in the same room beyond the expiry date?

It is important to notify us at least 6 months before the expiry date, as the room is then available again online and can be booked by other people.

I would like to revoke my cancellation, What should I do?

You can decide to revoke your request to cancel the contract only if the room has not already been rented. You can send us a communication directly from the DoveVivo App, in the "Cancellation and check-out" section, by clicking on " Revoke cancellation". If possible, the system will automatically cancel the cancellation, otherwise you will be contacted by one of our sales agents who will offer you alternative solutions, if available.

How can I cancel my contract?

In order to leave your room, you will have to access your DoveVivo app and go to the "Profile" section, click on "My contract" and then on "Cancellation and check-out". You will have to fill a form carefully, in order to avoid mistakes, to send us your cancellation request:
- choose the type of contract termination you prefer
- select the contract termination date and wait until the cancellation will be successfully confirmed by our team, within 5 working days
- select the check-out date (i.e. when you want to physically leave the room).

What are the closing costs?

When closing the contract, we remind you that the Admin fee check-out amounting to €225,00 will be deducted from your deposit, which includes: the administrative costs for the termination of the contract and the payment of the tax for the Revenue Agency and the costs for cleaning the room. In case of cancellation with early departure, in addition to the Admin fee check-out, one and a half months will be deducted from your deposit (calculated on the full rent and without taking into account any discounts granted).