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What should I pay upon check-in?

How is my commitment deposit used?

The commitment deposit will be deducted from the security deposit if you proceed with the signing of the lease. In the event that you do not proceed, for any reason, with the signing of the lease in the agreed terms (including the non-delivery of the residence permit for non-EU citizens), the commitment deposit will be retained by DoveVivo.

What's the difference between quotation and invoice?

The quotation is the statement of payments that is sent to you at the time of booking together with the contract. The quotation includes the due dates for the payments that you will have to make (the amount of the deposit paid to reserve the room will be "already paid").
The invoice, on the other hand, is the official document with the reference number. The first invoice will also show the payments already made at the time of booking and/or check-in (already paid).

Are the details of my credit card saved?

The credit card you entered upon booking will only be used for the withdrawal of the commitment deposit. The data will not be saved on our systems.