How can we help you?

Can I check the room before signing the contract?

If you prefer to see the room before booking it, you can request an appointment by clicking on the Book Your Visit button on the page of the room you are interested in. Select the most convenient day and time for you and then meet one of our sales staff who will show you the room and the house. If you find your ideal room, please seriously consider booking it directly online. There's a very high chance you will miss out on it, especially during times of high demand.
If, however, you have booked the room remotely or, for any reason, you have not been able to visit it before committing to the contract, you can arrange an appointment by calling our call center.

What do I need for living in the house?

We will make sure that the only thing you need to be concerned about is how to enjoy living in your new home. That's why our houses are fully furnished and equipped with everything you need, both for cooking (pots and pans, drinking glasses, cutlery, etc.) and for washing (cleaning kit, dishwasher, etc.). Hangers, curtains, chair and desk also come as standard in the room. Just remember to bring your sheets, blankets, pillows and towels with you.

What are the dimensions of my bed?

Our rooms are furnished with double or single beds, whose sizes are 160x200 cm (double bed) or 90x200 cm (single bed) respectively. You can see the bed sizes on the page of the room you are interested in on our website.

What happens if I find that there are some things wrong with the room when I first enter it?

The room you are going to occupy will have been checked, tidied and cleaned just before you go in. The equipment and state of the room always reflect our high-quality standards. However, if when you arrive you find any issues such as missing supplies, faulty fixtures, minor damage and so on, you have 48 hours to notify us on our DoveVivo App in the "The House and Me" section.

Can I leave-send parcels in-from the apartment before I check in?

For security reasons, access to the apartment and therefore to your room is only allowed after check-in.
Additionally, in buildings where a concierge service is provided, once you have taken possession of your room, you will need to fill out a proxy form for mail collection. You can sign the proxy at the concierge's front desk after you have checked in. You will only be able to receive your mail once you have given your signed proxy to your concierge.