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When is the ISTAT update applied?

The rent is updated every year to measure the rate of inflation recorded by ISTAT (National Statistics Institute) based on the cost of living. The ISTAT evaluation should be applied to all active contracts of at least one year starting from the month following the annual deadline.
For example, if your rent amounts to 600€ and the Istat index of the reference month is 1.2%, your rent, once updated, will be 607,20€.

Why do I have to pay for contract registration (or registration tax)?

Payment of the contract registration tax is mandatory because, after the check-in it is necessary to make it valid for legal effects. In order to do this, the contract must be registered to the Revenue Agency within 30 days from the date of signing by paying the tax. Note that this tax must be paid annually and the contract renewed every year that you stay in the flat.
DoveVivo will take care of the payment of the tax for the duration of the contract, charging your share directly on the invoice. The cost of the first registration varies according to the contract and is included in the Admin check-in Fee (amounting to 225,00€). Please note that you will have to pay your registration renewal fee again every year and you will find the amount to be settled on the invoice!

How is the registration tax calculated?

Registration tax is divided 50% between DoveVivo (which is acting as owner) and the tenant and varies according to the type of property. For residential buildings, registration tax is 2% of the annual fee multiplied by the number of annuities adjusted for inflation as determined by Istat (Italian National Statistics Institute).