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What do I need to know about the deposit?

The deposit varies according to the duration of the contract, but in no circumstances will it ever exceed three months. We require this to ensure that the room and common parts of the apartment are properly maintained and as surety for any outstanding amounts.
In order to protect the deposit until the end of the contract, it is not possible to pay rent from the deposit, even upon expiry of the contract.
The deposit will be refunded, less any sums used to make good any damage or for unpaid rent, by bank transfer to the account that you provided us when you gave notice of cancellation via the DoveVivo App. The data required to proceed are the following: account beneficiary name, IBAN and, only if you are a foreign citizen, your bank's SWIFT or BIC.

Can the charges for terminating the rental be deducted from the security deposit?

The charges for terminating the rental agreement will be automatically deducted from the security deposit you paid before check-in. The only exception to this is if the security deposit does not cover all costs; if this happens, you will be asked to pay what is owed.

How can I send you my bank details?

You can enter your bank details directly in the DoveVivo App in the "My account" section under "DoveVivo and Me" menu.

Can I change bank details previously provided?

You can change your bank details before the Credit Note is issued only, you can do so directly on the DoveVivo App in the "My Account" section under the "DoveVivo and Me" menu.