DoveVivo has 12 years’ experience in the co-living sector and a well-structured Business Development team in the company. Therefore, it has all the skills relating to the type of property that will give you a guaranteed, lasting income through a long-term lease.

What type of property does DoveVivo take into consideration?

DoveVivo considers apartments suitable for co-living, generally large ones from about 80 m² up to whole residential complexes and detached properties. As a result, there is access to investment in this sector with widely differing capital, starting from an initial capital of about Euro 50,000 and the chance of using leverage, specially advantageous at this time.
The house that will not only repay itself (and become an asset when the mortgage is repaid) but also generate a monthly income can be found using a series of simulations.
The co-living formula applied is intended to offer long-term accommodation to students and young professionals. Therefore, the return is increased by choosing a strategic position for this type of tenant, who prefers positions well connected to public transport and the main services, not necessarily in the city centre or with high tourism potential.
The real estate in question may then be renovated completely, partly or be a new build; it can be empty or partially furnished.
Ensure the help of DoveVivo’s team of experts in the assessment and choice of your investment and buy a property with the certainty of a rental contract already signed by your ideal tenant.