Use DoveVivo, leader in Italy in co-living and able to generate income from your investment immediately, the most effective solution for many aspects connected to a property investment associated with a long-term lease. Just a few simple steps to buy a property and rent it with the certainty of an income from the monthly rent, even if the property is empty for a time and when there is a turnover in tenants, and real prospects of capital gains if it is sold.

DoveVivo support step by step

If you’ve found an opportunity that interests you or you’re interested in the DoveVivo formula, contact us to start the subsequent steps.

  1. Complete the form to arrange an appointment with our team of experts.
  2. The day of the appointment, we’ll look at your requirements together and carefully examine the offers for co-living in the market most in line with your needs.
  3. Once the investment offers for the purchase of a property have been found, if you’re interested you can use our consultancy on the co-living market, the specific assessment of the area and its future prospects, and the monthly rent hypothesised for that investment.
  4. Once the appropriate investment has been found, you’ll be put in contact with a real estate consultant who will introduce you to the owner of the property and will follow you step by step in the negotiations.
  5. When the completion is signed (or contracts exchanged), you’ll also sign the leasing contract with DoveVivo which will become your only tenant from that time.
  6. From this moment on, you can enjoy the income generated by your investment, guaranteed by DoveVivo, even when the apartment is empty due to a possible turnover of tenants.