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We believe that strong corporate governance practices are essential to promote stakeholder trust, management accountability, and long-term shareholder value.

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Some of the other shareholders

  • Guido Rivolta
    Managing Director and General Manager of Partners S.p.A., a Milanese advisory boutique specialised in professional consultancy, family business, M&A and corporate finance services. An engineer with experience in the industrial and investment sectors. 
  • Maurizio Cereda
    After 25 years with Mediobanca, where he was the Deputy General Manager and administrative advisor, he is now a financial consultant to businesses and families.  
  • Francesco Perilli
    Chairman and shareholder of EQUITA Group, and independent and quoted company specialized in investment banking, alternative,financial intermediation and equity research. From 2017 is member of the BoD of Borsa Italiana.  
  • BI.EFFE Investimenti e Servizi srl (Fabio Troiani)
    From 2003 he is along CO-Founder and CEO of Bip - Business Integration Partners, a leading European company who deliver management consulting and business integration services. He was one of the protagonists of privatisation and liberalisation processes in the telecommunications sector in Italy and Europe.