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We believe that strong corporate governance practices are essential to promote stakeholder trust, management accountability, and long-term shareholder value.

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Guido Rivolta

He graduated in Mechanical Engineering at the Politecnico di Milano and started his career in the automobile sector until becoming manager in the Gruppo Piaggio&C and General Manager and Board member of Pirelli Eco Technology. 
After 20 years in industry, he entered the financial services sector taking part in the foundation of Ambienta SGR, the largest European private equity fund specialised in the Environment sector, as Partner, member of the Investment Committee, director and director of various companies in the portfolio. 
In 2012, he moved to Fondo Strategico Italiano, Gruppo Cassa Depositi e Prestiti, of which he became Managing Director and General Manager of CDP Equity.
At this time, he was not only director of various companies in the portfolio but also the Managing Director of FSI Investimenti and Chairman of Ansaldo Energia.
He is currently Managing Director and General Manager of Partners S.p.A., a Milanese advisory boutique specialised in professional consultancy, family business, M&A and corporate finance services.